About Us

Welcome to Purnanna!

Greetings from Rushi Enterprises
We introduce ourselves as an organisation building the future of healthy foods in India.
Our motto is Healthy Food for a Healthy Life
Our flagship product “Purn-Anna”, is a cereal for all ages, which in its short period of existence has built a niche for itself with thousands of satisfied customers and die-hard loyalists.
This is a product devoid of preservatives, artificial flavours, chemicals or additives of any sort.
“Purn-Anna” is a complete meal in itself which has the ideal balance of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, calcium, vitamins, fibre, etc. and has been proven to suffice the entire dietary requirements of a human being in the absence of any other food and that too with a minimum quantity.

Ms Bhakti Karve

Ideal for weaning babies, it serves as a companion through the life span of the baby namely providing wholesome food through their growing years, coming in handy as healthy food during travelling in their working life, supplementing calcium during middle age and providing balanced easy to digest food during advanced age when people start to lose their sense of taste.
In other words, ideal for the entire family.
We are already supplying this cereal to “Naraindas Morbai Budhrani Trust”, an organisation engaged in making available, medical treatment & providing material support during treatment to underprivileged sections of society. Our cereal “Purn-Anna” forms part of the daily meals provided to cancer patients, whose treatment is being sponsored by this great organisation.
We are associated with an organisation SPORT NASHA who are working for sports men.
Purnanna food is regularly served through N.M.Budhrani trust to athletes of St. Lawrens School Malad.
We are also associated with “Aseema Trust”, who provides “Purn-Anna” to their under-privileged Students.

We are proud to introduce another innovation – “PurnAnna Laddoo”, made from the tried and tested “PurnAnna” cereal with minimum sugar and pure ghee used as a binding agent. It strikes the ideal balance between nutrition and satisfying sweet cravings.

Coming soon with Cookies
We are confident that our product will be appreciated by your team and the people you serve alike. Kindly grant us an appointment at your earliest convenience for us to share our samples with you and for us to finalise our next order from your esteemed organisation.
We look forward to serving you for a long time to come.

What Makes All This Possible???

Traditional methods

At the heart of it all

  • Common Sense
  • Traditional methods of processing foods
  • Vetting by Modern Scientific Testing
  • Modern packing preserves freshness

Our Process

Combination of high quality grains and pulses like Soyabean, Ragi, Red Lentils, etc. with select spices.

The exact ratio and method has been finalised after years of research.

Involves Traditional methods like sieving, roasting, grinding

  • Instant
  • Nutritional
  • Cereal based supplementary food